Job Opportunities in Boundless Consultants Limited

CashierFull Time0-1 years04/18/2019
Product Developer (Global Luxury Footwear Brand)Full Time0-1 years04/16/2019
Personal AssistantFull Time3-5 years04/11/2019
Regional Trainer, APACFull Time1-3 years03/28/2019
Assistant Design and Product Development Manager / Design and Product Development ManagerFull TimeOver 5 years03/27/2019
Relationship Manager, Retail BankingFull Time1-3 years03/26/2019
Assistant Merchandiser / Merchandiser / Senior Merchandiser / Merchandising Manager (Woven Fabric)Full Time0-1 years03/25/2019
Senior Fashion Graphic Designer/ Assistant Fashion Graphic ManagerFull Time3-5 years03/21/2019
Assistant Retail ManagerFull TimeOver 5 years03/13/2019
Sales AssociateFull TimeFresh Graduate03/13/2019
Human Resources Executive / Senior Human Resources ExecutiveFull Time3-5 years03/13/2019
Retail SalesFull Time0-1 years03/13/2019
Account Executive (B2B) (Japanese Speaking)Full Time1-3 years03/12/2019
Shop ManagerFull Time3-5 years03/07/2019
Sales Executive (HK, Macau, PRC Market)Full Time1-3 years02/27/2019
Stockroom AssistantFull Time0-1 years02/27/2019
Sales Consultant 店鋪銷售顧問Full Time0-1 years02/27/2019
店鋪經理 Store Manager (Luxury Retail)Full Time0-1 years02/26/2019
Regional Assistant Buyer / Buyer / Senior Buyer, Ladies RTW / Footwear / Accessories(APAC)Full Time3-5 years02/26/2019
店鋪主任 (世界著名奢侈時裝品牌) Shop SupervisorFull Time3-5 years02/25/2019
Associate Retail Manager, Jeans (Hong Kong Market)Full TimeOver 5 years02/21/2019
Buying Manager, Footwear (Hong Kong Market)Full TimeOver 5 years02/21/2019
Regional Senior Buyer / Buyer, Men's Accessories (APAC)Full TimeOver 5 years02/19/2019
Sales Consultant 店鋪銷售顧問Full Time0-1 years02/18/2019
Sales Consultant 店鋪銷售顧問Full Time0-1 years02/18/2019
專櫃經理 / 助理專櫃經理 ( 月入可達 40K 以上 )Full Time0-1 years02/15/2019
時尚型格眼鏡 ( *** 底薪最少 18K )Full Time0-1 years02/15/2019
資深美容顧問 (頭三個月包薪,豐厚佣金)Full Time1-3 years02/14/2019
Account ClerkFull Time1-3 years02/13/2019
太陽銷售眼鏡顧問Full Time1-3 years02/13/2019
Assistant Buyer (Sportswear)Full Time0-1 years02/13/2019
店鋪主任 Shop Supervisor (Luxury Retail)Full Time0-1 years02/11/2019
時裝顧問 Fashion Consultant (Luxury Retail)Full Time0-1 years02/11/2019
Senior Visual MerchandiserFull Time3-5 years02/11/2019
Assistant Buyer / Buyer (Footwear / Handbags)Full Time1-3 years02/11/2019
香薰有機護膚品顧問 ( Basic $14000 起 )Full Time0-1 years02/11/2019
Senior AccountantFull TimeOver 5 years02/09/2019
HR Executive / Senior HR Executive (All-Round)Full Time3-5 years02/09/2019
Associate Regional Buyer / Regional Buyer / Senior Regional Buyer, APAC (Footwear, Handbag & Accessories)Full Time1-3 years02/08/2019
Senior Human Resources Manager (All-Round)Full TimeOver 5 years02/08/2019
Visual Merchandising ManagerFull Time3-5 years02/08/2019
Sales Associate (Affordable Luxury Watch)Full Time0-1 years01/30/2019
Manager, Retail OperationsFull Time3-5 years01/29/2019
Senior Product Planning executiveFull Time3-5 years01/25/2019
Buying AssistantFull Time0-1 years01/16/2019
Retail ManagerFull Time3-5 years01/11/2019
MerchandiserFull Time1-3 years01/08/2019
Associate Manager (Luxury Product Planning)Full Time3-5 years01/04/2019
Fair Isaac Corporation Project ManagerFull TimeOver 5 years01/04/2019
Training ManagerFull TimeOver 5 years01/03/2019
Shop Assistant 店鋪助理 (街頭潮爆飲品)Full Time0-1 years12/27/2018
Senior Project Management SpecialistFull Time3-5 years12/21/2018
Online Sales AdvisorFull Time1-3 years12/17/2018
Sales ExecutiveFull Time1-3 years12/13/2018
蛋糕師 / 蛋糕制作學徒Full Time0-1 years12/11/2018
Financial ControllerFull TimeOver 5 years12/06/2018
Senior Buyer, Hong Kong and MacauFull Time3-5 years12/05/2018
Personal AssistantFull Time3-5 years12/03/2018
Area Manager 分區經理 (世界著名奢華皮鞋品牌)Full Time3-5 years11/29/2018
Buyer, FootwearFull Time3-5 years11/29/2018
Project ManagerFull Time3-5 years11/29/2018
Account ClerkFull Time0-1 years11/28/2018
AccountantFull TimeOver 5 years11/28/2018
Assistant AccountantFull Time3-5 years11/28/2018
臨時專櫃助理 Shop Assistant (3-6 months)Full Time0-1 years11/28/2018
AccountantFull TimeOver 5 years11/28/2018
ReceptionistFull Time1-3 years11/27/2018
Buyer (Gift & Premium)Full Time1-3 years11/27/2018
Senior Client Relationship Management ExecutiveFull Time3-5 years11/26/2018
專櫃助理 Shop AssistantFull Time0-1 years11/21/2018
Regional Digital Customer Services Manager, APACFull TimeOver 5 years11/20/2018
Assistant Human Resources Manager (Compensation & Benefits)Full TimeOver 5 years11/20/2018
Regional Assistant Manager, Training (APAC)Full TimeOver 5 years11/20/2018
售貨員 Sales Associate (Premium Fashion)Full Time1-3 years11/20/2018
Store ManagerFull Time3-5 years11/20/2018
Associate Finance ManagerFull Time3-5 years11/19/2018
E-marketing Assistant ManagerFull Time1-3 years11/19/2018
Area Manager 分區經理Full TimeOver 5 years11/16/2018
Store Assistant (店鋪助理)Full Time1-3 years11/13/2018
時裝顧問 (世界著名奢侈品牌) Fashion AdvisorFull Time1-3 years11/13/2018
Full Time Sales Assistant 全職銷售員Full Time0-1 years11/13/2018
Executive Director, Discovery & EducationFull TimeOver 5 years11/12/2018
Graphic Designer, MotionFull Time3-5 years11/09/2018
Merchandising ManagerFull TimeOver 5 years11/09/2018
Regional Assistant Buyer / Buying Assistant, APACFull Time3-5 years11/05/2018
Shop Supervisor 店鋪主任 / Assistant Shop Supervisor 助理店鋪主任Full Time3-5 years10/31/2018
Technical Designer, Men's Woven BottomFull TimeOver 5 years10/31/2018
Regional Sales Executive, wholesale Business (APAC)Full Time1-3 years10/31/2018
Regional Senior Buyer / Buyer / Assistant Buyer, Ladies' Hangbag, Footwear & Accessories (APAC)Full Time3-5 years10/30/2018
Regional Senior Buyer / Buyer / Assistant Buyer, Menswear (APAC)Full Time3-5 years10/30/2018
Chief DesignerFull TimeOver 5 years10/25/2018
Assistant Buyer (Sportswear)Full Time0-1 years10/25/2018
Manager, OperationsFull TimeOver 5 years10/22/2018
Recruitment Consultant 招聘顧問Full TimeFresh Graduate10/19/2018
Business Development DirectorFull TimeOver 5 years10/18/2018
Credit Approval ManagerFull TimeOver 5 years10/15/2018
Senior / Sales AssociateFull Time0-1 years10/12/2018
Senior / Customer Service OfficerFull Time0-1 years10/12/2018
BuyerFull Time1-3 years10/12/2018
Buying ManagerFull TimeOver 5 years10/11/2018